Stronger together

Act together on the private capital market

The best place to let the world get to know about your company. The way to find new investors, get new customers and expand your business.

Find New investors

  • 1. From your customers

    Your customers come to Ignium and become your investomers: people who use your product and services and are invested in your company. These are your ambassadors, the most loyal people.
  • 2. From other SMEs customers

    Other SMEs customers can find your products or services interesting while they are surfing through Ignium
  • 3. From other SMEs investors

    Ignium shows current investors other investing options which is a good change for you to get new investors

Find New Customers

  • 4. From other SME customers

    Other SMEs customers come to Ignium. They might not be interested in investing in those SMEs but they can become your customers.
  • 5. From other SMEs investors

    Other investors can find your product or services interesting
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Benefits of acting together

with other SME’s

  • icon benefits

    New customers for your business

    The way to extend your audience

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    Better access to capital

    More investors is a great opportunity to boost your business with new capital

  • icon benefits

    Reduced cost of capital

    Reduce liquidity risk

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with Ignium

We give capital markets back to the companies by returning


of transaction fees generated from any trades of your company securities

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