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reimo hammerberg ignium

Reimo Hammerberg

CEO & co-founder

Reimo has worked for close to 20 years at law firm Sorainen as a capital markets and financial services attorney and last 13 years as partner and head of the practice. He has advised numerous capital markets transactions, projects related to regulated entities, licensing, including advising capital markets infrastructure (stock-exchanges, CSDs) operators as well as technology start-ups acting in the space of financial services. Reimo is a board member at Finance Estonia (industry organisation for financial sector in Estonia) and heads blockchain related sub-group in FinTech group.

kevin murcko ignium

Kevin Murcko


A thought leader in FX, Crypto, Blockchain and Financial Regulation focusing on removing barriers and bringing real substantive change to capital markets globally. As the founder of CoinMetro, a co-founder of Ignium, and a founding board member of the European Crypto Association he is now looking to help shape a tokenised future. Kevin Murcko is a known face in the retail FX world, his company FXPIG was a pioneer in bringing transparency to retail FX, garnering him the unofficial title of one of the most transparent CEOs in the financial industry.
normunds blumbergs ignium

Normunds Blumbergs


Normunds has over 16 years of experience in large enterprise software development as a software architect/project manager. During the last 7years he has co-founded multiple SaaS startups, and was involved in all areas of their creation. He has led multiple large software project development teams in developing complex enterprise systems or SaaS solutions (including FinTech), often also taking responsibilities of designing the overall system architecture. He’s also experienced in lean and agile practices, as well as the application of those practices in startup environments.

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