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Being tasked with storing assets for our clients means we need to be focused on security. We ensure the integrity and provenance of all the data (including assets issues, transactions made, balances of the assets and digital cash) by using blockchain technology.

Cryptographic hash values are calculated for any data that is entered into our system and for the data changes (1). That way any changes in system data can be verified whether they are legitimate or externally tampered (2). Hash values are calculated and securely stored on blockchain.

Any unauthorised changes to the system are traced immediately and those changes, as a result, will be discarded (3). We use Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology, which is time-tested, scalable and energy-efficient.

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Ignium is relying on KSI blockchain to ensure the integrity of the ownership ledger in Ignium’s securities settlement system. It has been insightful to learn how our technology, which has been used in financial services, can also be used in securities settlement where immutability, auditability and scalability are all must have features.

Luukas Ilves, Head of Strategy - Guardtime

we are moving towards decentralised future we are moving towards decentralised future

While our current solution combines cloud and KSI blockchain technology to be able to provide the best of both worlds - scalability, efficiency and immutability, we pursue a decentralised future, where clients could hold their digital assets under their own control (similarly to the physical assets) across the globe.

While distributed ledger technologies enable us to achieve that (above all Ethereum) we have chosen not to utilise the current available proof of work technologies as they are too inefficient in terms of energy consumption, too slow and too expensive (mostly because of the energy required for processing the transactions and creating new blocks). 

Looking forward

We are mindful of and are continually monitoring emerging decentralised proof of stake technologies, which are scalable and at the same time green. While building our current systems to be interoperable and modular so that when the time comes we can adapt decentralised technology seamlessly.   

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Reducing carbon emission is in the very core of our values. Therefore, we have built the settlement system and marketplace for digital securities, which is more lean and energy efficient than proof of work (Ethereum) and proof of stake blockchains and has, unlike usual settlement systems, no intermediaries. 

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We were launching equity offering to our own customers via Ignium. As our customer base is truly international we also needed infrastructure that would enable transfer of securities internationally and do that reliably and affordably. Ignium enabled all this.

Kristiina Mehik, Founder - Renegade Tea

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Accessible means that anyone from anywhere in the world is able to join Ignium and participate in the capital markets. Part of accessibility is also affordability. Our goal is to keep Ignium as the most affordable tokenisation and capital markets solution in the world. 

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efficient & lean

Companies can issue securities and onboard investors directly and do not need any additional structures or layers for that. We’re effectively cutting out the middle-man.

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